Science is the map. Compassion is the compass.


Info on Dr. Fleck's practice, and the ThinkWell consortium.

Science is the map. Compassion is the compass.

ThinkWell Consortium

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Sanno Zack, PhD, Director, Stanford DBT Program

"Caroline is a gifted speaker and a phenomenal educator.  She knows DBT inside out, and makes the approach come alive in an accessible, hands-on practical, and genuine manner.  She easily engages a large group with diverse needs, insuring that everyone from the beginning trainee to the advanced practitioner walks away with new learning and increased passion and enthusiasm for their clinical work."

Alexander Clark, MD, former Stanford psychiatry resident

"As a teacher, Dr. Fleck is outstanding! She brings a sharp mind and warm, receptive attitude to the classroom. Her vast knowledge of psychotherapeutic principles and her commitment to an evidence-based approach/practice ensure that the content she presents will always be cutting edge and top-notch.  From my experience, Dr. Fleck also has a special knack for sprinkling fun into her presentations, and her ability to package complex topics into digestible, memorable concepts has a way of making her classes not just highly effective, but really enjoyable!"